2012 Final Public Meeting

November 14, 2012

  • Watch the 3D Virtual Tour
    Come in from Spring Garden Road and step through the doors of the new Halifax Central Library! For three minutes, you will fly-through the Library as a commentator takes you floor by floor pointing out details of the spaces and the interior design features.
  • Look at the Floor Plans
    Every detail is on display as the architects share with you their plans for each floor of the Halifax Central Library.
  • Flip Through Each Floor (13mb pdf)
    Go at your own pace as you flip through architect Morten Schmidt's presentation.
  • In My Life I've Learned...
    For one month, the Halifax Central Library construction site featured chalk boards along the fence, and people shared their life's lessons. Here is one sample of what they said.
  • Construction at Top Speed
    Witness the quick progression of the Halifax Central Library's construction as this time lapse video documents the creation of every wall and floor.
  • See Early Sketches & Modeling
    Witness the process of design from concept to plan as one of the architects shares the early illustrations of the Halifax Central Library.

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