Phase Three - June, 2008

The final public meeting was held on the evening of June 2, 2008 where Rob Marshall and Susan Kent presented the complete building program and space requirements for the proposed Central Library. The evening began with a graphical display of each of the main public services to be provided within the Library. Those attending the meeting were encouraged to review each of the panels and ask questions to any of the staff or consultants. Judith Hare, CEO of Halifax Public Libraries, opened the presentation by introducing the final portion of the project and providing an overview of the entire project and what the next stage will involve.

The presentation reviewed the guiding principles used in determining the building program. These will continue to be used to guide the next phase of design. Included in this presentation was a description of the benefits that will occur as a result of the development of the Central Library. Each of the benefits highlighted the positive return that this new facility will have on HRM, such as increased collections for adults, teens and children, civic performance space and increased activity along Spring Garden Road. The presentation focussed on describing the final building program and each of the services and their function within the Central Library (Appendix A). The presentation wrapped up with a question and answer period. There was a very favourable response to the presentation, and the audience had a number of questions. The evening concluded with a resounding amount of support for the future development of the Central Library.