Phase Two - April, 2008

Phase Two was the result of feedback and information gathered during the first phase of the project. After the completion of Phase One, the consultants reviewed all the results and observed that various points or themes kept recurring. As such, three themes or models were extrapolated from the information and a series of building programs was developed, one each based on culture, learning and partnership.

Without developing a building representation or creating specific floor plans for the Central Library, the challenge was to graphically represent each of the themes in a way that made the programs and service areas spatially relevant and connected. The final presentation showed an overall building program for each of the suggested themes through different sized boxes that were linked through connecting lines. The core elements of the foundation of each of the models remained consistent throughout. The program areas specific to each of the themes: culture, learning and partnership, were colour coded to differentiate among the themes.

The second phase of the public consultation process was held between April 7 and April 9, 2008. Over a three day period, the focus groups were once again invited to attend a meeting where the consultants presented an update of the project. For this round of meetings, several focus groups were merged. Although it was imperative that each person at the focus sessions have the opportunity to express his or her idea or thoughts regarding each of the proposed themes it was thought that it was possible to still do this effectively by combining some of the focus groups. The focus groups for phase two of the consultation process were the following:

  • Library Board Members / Library Capital Campaign Committee / Halifax Public Libraries Senior Management Team
  • Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library Staff
  • Combined groups of academics, representatives from the arts community, education, young professionals, councillors, merchants, business associates, Chamber of Commerce and Municipal representatives.