How will my central library transform our lives, our city?

First Public Consultation Meeting - June 10, 2010

More than 250 people attended the June 10 public consultation meeting for the design of the new Central Library. The meeting was held at the Dalhousie Student Union building.

Themes and big ideas:

  • Learning/Literacy
  • Social Interaction & Engagement
  • Hub/Space
  • Green
  • Awe-Inspiring Innovative Architecture
  • Flexible Space
  • Multicultural
  • Features
  • Local History
  • Inclusion / Accessible
  • Pathway/Crossroads
  • Inspiring Youth/All Ages
  • Central Meeting Place for the Community
  • Social / Business Enterprise (to make the most of animate space)

After the meeting, we quickly compiled suggestions and ideas and provided a detailed account to the architects. Whether community members shared their thoughts at the meeting, on Facebook, on Twitter, in the chat room or on a graffiti wall in one of the library branches – we relayed their input.

Based on evaluation forms, here’s a snapshot of what community members said:

What was your best experience of the evening?

"The thrill of ideas coalescing."

"Hearing from architects. Finally being able to see the visions of what they have done in the past."

"The synergy – focusing on building our future together (for a change)."

"The enthusiasm of the teams at my table as they opened up with their ideas."

What advice would you give to the organizers for the next public meeting?

"Continue the dialogue between the consultations."

"Advise the public beforehand that the forum will be interactive requiring them to participate for a successful event."

"Less banter. More time for participants."

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to the next meeting?

"Please come. No ideas are off limits and you meet people who are really concerned about our city and our library."

"It’s really worthwhile and informative."

"Start talking and listen to what others have to say."

General Comments

"An interesting evening that attracted a wide cross section of the city."

"I appreciated the childcare and the entry music."

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