Shape the Spaces & Places of your Halifax Central Library

Second Public Consultation Meeting - July 8, 2010

About 100 people attended the second public consultation meeting on July 8. The meeting was held at the Dalhousie Student Union Building. There was a live broadcast and online chat for those unable to attend in person. 578 people watched the meeting online. Keshen Goodman, Woodlawn and Tantallon also broadcast the meeting live in their branches.

Consensus from July 8 meeting:

  • Separate spaces for different uses: meetings, gaming, space for teens, space for adults, space dedicated to quiet, etc.
  • Dynamic spaces for multiple uses that can also respond to our climate (ex. a fountain that can become a skating rink in winter)
  • Lasting/enduring design – for the next 100 years
  • Gardens/flowers/greenery outside and in/pergola/green wall/ green roof (with roof access)
  • Accessible & inclusive (including things for the blind, seniors, those with mobility issues)
  • Comfortable seating and nooks and crannies to read in
  • Outdoor, sheltered space for festivals (like the Jazz Fest): a sheltered performance space, but also space for activities like fitness classes, Tai Chi, etc.
  • Ease of navigation — both through the building and the collection
  • Green – using solar energy, etc.
  • Space for public art displays
  • Space for ‘people-watching’/interaction with the street
  • Special features: aquariums, atrium, cantilever and fireplace
  • Design should be inspired, reflect the aesthetic of the city

Based on evaluation forms, here’s a snapshot of what you said:

What was your best experience of the public meeting on July 8th?

“I enjoyed listening to what everyone at my different tables had to say.It was very interesting.
Hearing the architect speech - very reassuring! He is obviously listening to and taking into account what we are saying. We don't want a self-absorbed virtuoso pursuing his own dream.”
“I enjoyed the end in which views had been voiced effectively.”
“Hearing architects latest ideas. Discussions with enthusiastic, positive, interested people of all walks of Halifax. Live music excellent!”

What advice would you give to the organizers for the next public meeting?

“Change the format of the meeting to nudge our thinking Have feedback from users and staff of recently completed libraries to say what they like about their structure, what they wish they would have thought about.”
“Would prefer not to have musical distractions. Found it hard to converse.”

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to the next public meeting?

“Come! It's lovely to see the same themes emerging from multiple locations and to feel that the community is a real and vital part of this process.”
“Come with ideas and an open mind.”

“It's a great opportunity to make your voice heard and have a lasting impact.”