Spring Garden Road Memorial Library Building

The Spring Garden Road Memorial Library is owned by HRM, and the municipality will determine an appropriate use for the building. The building can no longer support the library’s needs in terms of programming, technology, health and safety, security of the collections or universal access. One of the recommendations of the Spring Garden/Queen Public Lands Plan is to retrofit and redevelop the Library building for another active public or commercial use while retaining the library grounds as a public open space. HRM will also be exploring how best to honour the history of the site in the redevelopment plans. Municipal staff will be tasked with providing a number of possible scenarios for future use of this building.

The Spring Garden Library as a War Memorial

The Spring Garden Road Memorial Library was built in 1951 as a memorial to Halifax's WWI and WWII casualties. The Halifax Public Libraries Board is committed to preserving the memorial aspect of the Library, and, as such, has been actively engaged in discussions with the Royal Canadian Legion. The following working principles have been developed to ensure a smooth transition of the Spring Garden Road War Memorial when the new Central Library is built.

Working Principles:

  • Halifax Public Libraries will preserve the original intent of the Memorial within the new Central Library.
  • The history of the original memorial will be preserved and easily accessible
  • The Memorial Book will be included in the new Central Library and will remain on display
  • A rededication ceremony of the Memorial will be held with the opening of the Central Library.
  • Consideration will be given to an exterior designation, either outside of the Central library or on the original site, relating to the Memorial.
  • Consideration will be given to commemorating the Memorial in a room, or an area, in the new Central Library.
  • Consideration will be given to developing an additional Memorial book with lists of war dead in subsequent conflicts.
  • All plans for the transition of the memorial will be developed in consultation with the Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command, The Royal Canadian Legion.

Our Plans for the Memorial

Background & History of Spring Garden Library as a War Memorial