3D Virtual Tour of Halifax’s Most Remarkable New Building

Halifax Central Library is Building Excitement

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October 31, 2012 - Halifax, NS–On November 14 (7-9 p.m., Pier 21), Halifax Public Libraries will unveil the final plans for the interior spaces of the city’s new Central Library. The night will bring with it an abundance of sights and sounds, including a level by level 3D virtual tour and a chance to think about the future.

“Already the construction site is engaging the city’s imagination,” says Judith Hare, CEO of the Halifax Public Libraries. “People are walking or driving along Spring Garden road and starting to realize how this new development is going to profoundly affect the look and feel of their cityscape. Now, at the final public meeting, we are ready to add to this building excitement by sharing with everyone a virtual tour of what we created together.”

The Halifax Public Libraries has grown a reputation internationally for its success with public consultations. Each meeting for the Halifax Central Library has been well attended and the participants’ vision and hopes have been heavily incorporated into the final designs. At the final public meeting, the 3D virtual tour, two presentations by the architects, and many displays will showcase the special community spaces, such as the Halifax City Space, and all of the finer design finishes. Also, there will be two collaborative sessions that will prompt participants to consider how the Halifax Central Library will affect the city on broad and personal levels.

“I am quite proud of how the Central Library has and will continue to improve Halifax,” says Morten Schmidt, Lead Architect from schmidt hammer lassen. “Communities have shown that they can work together to develop a common vision—the story of the cantilever turning from offices to the most spectacular public use space is my favourite example. Now, it’s time to think about what this building really means. We estimate that it will draw over 900,000 visitors in the first year. And that’s the power of a most remarkable new building.”

For more information, visit halifaxcentrallibrary.ca, or ask a librarian at any branch. The event will be streamed live on halifaxcentrallibrary.ca and the Twitter hashtag to follow is #hfxcentral3D. At the event, there will be free parking, live music by KOJO, tea and coffee, and fun giveaways for early arrivals. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and all ages are welcome.

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