Impact of Libraries Project

impact of libraries

These are the People in our Neighbourhood Libraries

An audio slideshow series presented by The Guardian called “London Lives” became a captivating source of inspiration for a local artist when she was asked by Halifax Public Libraries to tell the story of how libraries impact their communities.

When you walk by Central Library, you can SEE the significance of the “eye-popping” building.  But, you do not often realize the remarkable qualities of what will be happening inside, every day, to the people in our neighbourhoods.

Photo-based artist, Hannah Minzloff took the challenge by creating six touching and revealing stories.  She travelled to various branches across the system and discovered on her own the valuable role libraries play in people’s lives.

These stories—Engagement, Families, Technology, Teens, Community, and Newcomers—represent many of the pillars upholding the Libraries invitation to “share the wow”.

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