Universal Access & Inclusive Design at the Library

Access is a tenet of public library services. We believe that everyone should have access to information—the content, technology, and application of it.

Universal Access is a large part of this commitment. When types of access change, we plan to improve our services accordingly.

Heather MacKenzie, Halifax Public Libraries’ Regional Manager for Diversity & Accessibility recently presented her plan to HRM. This is a news report on her activities via Metro Halifax.

Link to article: Working to Improve Accessibility of Programs Collections, even Jobs (Metro News)

For Central Library

Planners made sure we were up to code.  This simple ramp connects the first floor to the South Plaza outdoor patio and green space and the performance and community space called Paul O’Regan Hall.

plaza ramp 1
Accessible 1st floor to plaza ramp

The North Plaza and Spring Garden Road entrance features an inclusive design decision. The contrasting colours of white and dark grey stone allow people with poor eyesight to easily follow East and West paths to the front door.

plaza ramp 2
Accessible plaza front path

Next steps

HRM accessibility team will join Library staff in a tour of Central Library before it opens. Together, we will make plans for creating a most welcome environment.



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