Inside Halifax Central Library: Shelving

First and second floor shelving

Shaping up to be Canada’s most colourful public library, the interior of Halifax Central Library is becoming quite a sight to see. Shelves of blue, green, orange, red, white, and black in all shapes and sizes are being installed from the first floor to the living room. Each shelf is as unique as the building itself. These colourful and unique shelves will house the increased collection at Central Library and help with circulation throughout the Halifax Public Library system.

Staff shelving party

Recently staff at Halifax Central Library have been very busy setting up new shelves and organizing book collections. The interior of Halifax Central Library is shaping up to be a stunning library and welcoming public space.

teen section

The children’s and teen’s sections on the second floor at Central will feature bright shelves of multiple colours. Our shelves even match the hip new furniture on the second floor! Each shelf adds to the dazzling multi-coloured theme on the second floor, enhanced by the beautiful lighting at Central. It will be quite a sight to see when the Library opens on December 13. Some shelves were even designed for portability:

shelves on wheels

HPL employees at Central can be seen on a daily basis working together in groups that resemble “shelving parties”. The empty floors are quickly taking shape much like the alluring architecture of the building. As well as storing our vast multi-format collection, shelves also serve a practical function in keeping the noise down at Central, especially the upper floors which are designated as quiet areas.

colourful shelves

Shelves were delivered to the Library in large bundles as seen below. Slowly but surely, each bundle was installed and filled with our collection. What a huge task to fill five floors of library!

large shelves

The interior of the library has been literally been transformed by these unique shelves. Now it looks as stunning on the inside as it does on the outside. And as the largest public library in Atlantic Canada, there’s room for a lot of shelves!

installed shelves


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